Dr. Purcell’s Handouts

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Complete Denture Course – Dayton, OH – 11/21/14

IRMR Session #4

Implant Esthetics

IRMR Session #2

IRMR Session #1

Case Presentation

Dental Implant Maintenance

Hybrid Lecture

Hybrid Evening

Diagnosis and Treatment of TMD

Myofascial Pain Disorder


Hybrid Clinical Steps

Complex Treatment Planning

Occlusal Adjustment and CR

Occlusal Update



Mini Residency Session VII & VIII

Treatment Planning for Implants

  • Treatment Planning for Implants


Restorative Implant Complications 10/21/2016

Implant Dentistry Overview

Consult Packet

Case Presentation Interactive

Posterior Implant Dentistry

Digital Workflow

Stern IMR 1

NWOFS IMR 1: Session 1

Comprehensive Complete Denture Therapy 2017